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Backyard Deodorizer™ Processed by ZeoFill the Leading Zeolite Infill for Synthetic Turf 
#1 Artificial Grass Top Fill​

Backyard Deodorizer™ is the perfect pet urine odor remover used as artificial grass infill for dogs. Pet turf needs some form of deodorizing agent to help control the urine odors in the synthetic grass. 

Backyard Deodorizer is 100% All Natural, Eco-Friendly, Highly Absorbent, Non-toxic, Quartz-free, Chemical free, Fragrance free, Odorless, Non-hazardous, Non-flammable, Liquid Sustainable, Non-Caustic, and Proposition 65 Safe granular that removes odors caused by urine. 

Intensive testings have proven Backyard Deodorizer™ superior zeolite absorbs 80% of its weight in liquids, leaving the nearest competitors product literally in the dust. 

Backyard Deodorizer™ is California Proposition 65 Safe. Produced by KMI Inc., It does not contain airborne crystalline silica or any chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects. Go to our SDS sheet located above.  

Backyard Deodorizer™ is designed to absorb urine preventing ammonia to turn into a gas. Other similar products claim to neutralize the urine, not even close. The zeolite does not neutralize anything. It absorbs the urine and holds the gasses in it molecular chamber. The bacteria still is present. These other companies need to realize how zeolite works. All because you don't smell urine doesn't mean the harm is gone. 

Since ZeoFill is the only zeolite infill product recommended by the LAUSD, Backyard Deodorizer™ which is made from the same material, is the best after care product. It is 100% natural and better for your pets than rubber or silica, which by some have claimed serious and inherent health issues. 

Backyard Deodorizer comes in 4 lb or 8 lbs containers. 
4 lbs (1.8 KG) 
1/2 Gallon - 
$12.99 + $8.95 shipping
8 lbs (3.6 KG)
1 Gallon - 
$24.99 + $8.95 shipping
USA only in lower 48 States  
We do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico
              1- 32 oz bottle PE-51 w/max flow nozzle +
                               4 lbs of Backyard Deodoizer Granules

                               $39.99 including shipping

Backyard Deodorizer is also used in real grass, sod, planters, decorative rockscapes, even indoor carpet to help remove any odors. Can be used as basement deodorizer, any liquid & oil absorbent, and ice traction control. Strangely, it even can be used to control rotting corpses. 


Simply unscrew the lid and sprinkle as needed onto the area urine is present the most. It's that simple! 

Indoor Carpet: Sprinkle in area urine is present and let set for 20 minutes, then vacuum the area. 
Contractor Pack Case of 12 - 4 LBS Containers  total wt 50 lbs

8 LBS Container of Backyard Deodorizer

$24.99 ea plus shipping
Ship to 48 states. 
Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico Not included

Container Quantity
4 LBS Container of Backyard Deodorizer

$12.99 ea plus shipping 
Ship to 48 states. 
Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico Not included

Container Quantity
12 Containers of 4 lbs Backyard Deodorizer

$149.99 shipping is included to 48 states. 
Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico Not included