The Most Powerful Enzyme Cleaner Available
Made & Shipped with 
"Live Enzymes" 
"Smells like fresh cut grass" 

Not Just for Synthetic Turf - Can be applied onto real sod, rocks, walls, carpet and much more            

PE-51 is your natural solution for maximum waste degradation on any surface. Our exclusive blends of bio-engineered bacteria are radically different from other enzyme cleaners available. PE-51 is made from highly expensive live liquid enzymes, never from a powder. Our enzymes have the ability to withstand up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. They are resistant to chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach, and high acid or alkaline conditions. PE-51 is non-toxic and certified salmonella free, non-pathogenic and contains only the naturally occurring bacteria that reduce BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) 80% within 5 days. Will NOT corrode burn, dissolve or eat away the surface by chemical action like other cleaners. Shelf life is 30 years. 

  • Non-Toxic
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Live Liquid Enzyme 
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Certified Salmonella Free
  • All natural non-pathogenic active bacteria. 
  • Waste Digester and Bacterial / Odor Eater. 
  • PE-51 has over 1 billion micro-organisms per gallon.
  • Prevents formation of hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor).
  • Specially formulated to work with ZeoFill Artificial Grass infill. 

Usage Applications: Use 2 oz per gallon when filling a mop bucket or professional spray bottle. Apply liberally and let product sit wet for enzyme to fully breakdown urine bacteria.  

Artificial Grass Cleaner & Deodorizer:

PE-51 is the most powerful synthetic turf cleaner and deodorizer. Attach your hose directly onto the nozzle, turn the nozzles valve to the "on" position and spray your turf making sure you completely cover the artificial grass surface. 

Save Water! No need to water down your turf first.
No need to remove your animals while spraying.
No need to worry about over-spraying. Will not harm your plants. 
Strongest Cleaner / Deodorizer / Neutralizer - Made and shipped with "live" enzymes
Our enzymes are never turned into a powder for shipping, then turned back into a liquid form. 

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USA Only! We do not ship outside the USA
USA Only! We do not ship outside the USA
USA Only! We do not ship outside the USA
USA Only! We do not ship outside the USA
1 Gallon Refill
1 gallon covers up to 7200 sq ft

                             $39.99 + tax & $12.98 shipping
32 oz bottle with max flow nozzle
1 bottle covers up to 1800 sq ft

                 $16.99 + tax & $9.98 shipping 
6 Max Flow Nozzles (fits 32 oz bottles)

 $24.99 + tax 
Contractor Pack
4 - 1 Gallon Jugs
1 Case 

$ 165 + tax & $34.99 shipping 
Contractor Pack
12 - 32oz bottles
1 Case includes 3 nozzles

$ 158.99 + tax &$39.99 shipping
3 -32 oz bottle with 1 max flow nozzle
3 bottles covers up to 5400 sq ft

$44.99 + tax & $12.98 shipping
USA Only! We do not ship outside the USA

For best results:
  • Store out of direct UV light
  • Store product between 40-120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Best applied in evenings when ambient air temperature is cooler and out of direct sunlight
  • Pick up all solid waste first
  • Pre-soak turf surface lightly with water hose prior to product application
  • Agitate / Shake product to mix prior to application
  • For first time application, use 6-8 oz per gallon / Or spray and let set for 30 minutes (three times) 
  • For routine maintenance, 2-3 oz per gallon
  • Frequency of use is directed by how much your animal urinates on the grass. Best to spray once every 14 days
  • Do not rinse off product once applied to the surface
  • Allow to dry for 30 minutes before reapplying if needed
  • Do not leave dispensing containers open and vented to the outside; always reseal with the supplied cap


32 ounce bottle

  • Apply in evening time when the sun is not as hot
  • Spray your lawn with water to cool the turf. This prevents the live enzymes from dying when in contact with the turf
  • Agitate (shake) the 32 oz bottle to prevent live enzymes from congregating. (They like to gather together in groups) 
  • Insert max flow nozzle onto a 32 oz bottle, ensuring the white gasket is inside the nozzle
  • Tighten bottle to nozzle clockwise by hand
  • Insert water hose onto max flow nozzle, ensuring black gasket is inside the nozzle
  • Turn water on 
  • While holding the hose and nozzle end away from you, turn the safety tab back towards you
  • Point the nozzle at the soiled areas and spray using a sweeping motion
  • The nozzle dilutes the PE-51 concentrate product to 2 oz. / gallon, which covers 800 - 1500 square feet
  • When finished, turn the safety tab back to the upright position, turn water hose off at the source, and disconnect from max flow nozzle
  • Keep sprinkling the turf lightly with water hose for as long as you can. This helps the live enzymes move around the turf freely to destroy bad bacteria. 
  • Store containers in a dry area out of direct UV lighting

1 gallon refillable:
  • Agitate (shake) the gallon jug to prevent live enzymes from congregating
  • Dispense product into the 32 oz bottle and dispense with max flow nozzle

​5 gallon refillable:
  • Agitate (shake) the 5 gallon pail to prevent live enzymes from congregating
  • Dispense product into the 32 oz bottle and dispense with max flow nozzle

For shipping questions:
Consumer Package
6 - 32oz bottles with 1 nozzle
6 bottles covers up to 10,800 sq ft

     $ 90.00 + tax & $19.98 shipping 
MONTHLY SPECIAL PE-51 Starter Pack  
1 Gal & 1 - Full 32 oz bottle w/nozzle for $69.99  
                           It's like getting 5 - 32 oz bottles                               FAST SHIPPING INCLUDED!
1 Gal PE-51 Jug & 2 - 32oz bottles of PE-51 with 1 nozzle for $84.99 + tax  
                           It's like getting 6 - 32oz bottles                               FAST SHIPPING INCLUDED!