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Installation & Maintaining ZeoFill Infill

Years ago the idea of using zeolite on artificial grass to control urine odors was "The Greatest Invention". Problems arose when impurities in certain zeolite mines started causing turf fiber & drainage issues. Then the idea of installing zeolite under the turf was invented to keep the zeolite mining industry going. These mining companies only cared about selling product. Then came along ZeoFill. ZeoFill changed the turf industry with a positive solution to odor control. 

Because the purity in ZeoFill is so high and does not contain Quartz, you now can install all of it on top the grass as "Infill". Why is purity important? ZeoFill does not have other harmful rocks in the granule which can destroy the turf.

Many people think infill gets installed under the turf but not exactly. For proper installation and odor control, install ZeoFill above the turf as "Infill". No need for other infills. Some companies disagree for good reason and we will discuss later. ZeoFill is safe to install directly on top of the turf fibers because of the high purity level. We feel it works better if urine is controlled on contact. Some companies think the turf needs more weight to prevent wrinkles in the turf. This may be true in some states but ZeoFill has been proven in extremely high & low temperatures. On September 2017 in Florida, the turf and ZeoFill had survived 110 mph winds with 30 gallons per hour proving our premium zeolite can handle the worse conditions without wrinkles. Some companies think placing ZeoFill under the turf may be a better alternative. This may be true if your dog urinates so much that the urine by-passes the granule and travels under the turf. To be honest, this is why your turf smells in hotter weather. Bacteria spores grows the hotter it gets.   

If ZeoFill is only installed under the turf, it voids our 5 year warranty.

Yes, if your turf is too short, then you can add ZeoFill under the turf.  If you have a turf product which does not require infill, then use our larger sports field mesh size because our standard 14 X 30 mesh size will travel its way down your base system just like all small particles in a confined system. Keep the ZeoFill as close to the turf as possible. Note we feel that ZeoFill works better nearest to the urine source.

By putting ZeoFill on top of the textile/ weed barrier under the turf, you are defeating the purpose. Urine bacterial can attach itself to the textile. If urine happens to travel through ZeoFill and into the textile, the textile will hold urine bacteria. It is unlikely that an enzyme cleaner will be able to properly clean out the weed barrier. Bacteria will grow and in warmer weather smell worse. The ZeoFill will not be able to control the mass amount of gases and release causing urine smell. It's like cooking something in a microwave. Once the source is heated, you can smell the gases flowing out of the filter. If you have to use a weed barrier / textile, then install the weed barrier under the underlayment. 

Installation of ZeoFill is the same as installing other infills.  Do not install ZeoFill damp or wet!

1. Install your turf to recommended manufacturers instructions.
2. Use stiff broom or power broom to force turf fiber up-right.
3. Open ZeoFill logo'd bag. (Make sure the zeolite granules is in our approved ZeoFill logo'd bag)
4. Place dry ZeoFill in drop spreader. (Can be spread by hand but not as effected)
5. Evenly spread little amounts of ZeoFill throughout your grass area in a criss-cross pattern. Usually about a quarter of the total amount.
6. Use the stiff broom or power broom to push granules deep into the turf fibers. Keep repeating steps 5 through 6 until you put the recommended ZeoFill granules on your turf. It is very important to use the recommended amounts or more on the turf or the ZeoFill will not be able to work properly. The more ZeoFill on top the turf, the less you have to use an enzyme cleaner in the future. 
7. Water down the dust off the turf fibers. Make sure you water down all dust. You may have to use your broom while hosing it down to remove the zeodust. Some turf fibers have manufactures oil which can cause zeodust to stick to the turf fibers. Repeat brushing the turf with water to remove zeodust. 

ZeoFill is a bit dustier than silica sand but the dust does not harm like silica sand. Due to the high purity in ZeoFill, there is no need extra precautions. Generally speaking, lungs are made to inhale gasses not solids. As a result, any time you're handling a product like this that can become airborne you are required to list on your safety data sheet that you should wear a mask and eye protection. We care about the safety of anyone who handles any type of mineral including zeolite. At any time we suggest you wear eye protection and place masks on to prevent solids from entering your lungs. 

LARGE OR MULTIPLE DOGS on a small section of turf: Usually under 350 square foot;
Because zeolite only holds 80% of its weight in water/urine, small sections of turf will have more maintenance and your customers will need to be advised. Intensive an repetitive urine in ZeoFill will cause the infill granule to release the odor faster. We recommend 3 - 4 pounds per square foot minimum or as much as your fibers can handle. Some turf will not hold 3 - 4 pounds of ZeoFill. Advise your turf installers to then install ZeoFill under the turf as well as on top the turf to help encapsulate the urine.  Click here for detailed recommendations. 

Customers who feed their animals expensive pet food will notice more of a smell than cheap dog food. It is the high protein in the dog food that causes excessive smell. 

ZeoFill is a negative charged product which captures urine and prevents the ammonia from turning into a gas. If urine travels under the turf, ZeoFill also catches the ammonia gases (like a magnet) which rises from below the turf during warmer weather. It will also cool your turf much longer than any other infill product.  


Tell your customers to not water down the turf as much. Let the granule receive urine instead of water. If water is applied to the granule, then there is no room for urine. If hose water is held in the granule, then the urine will travel to the bottom of the turf and bake in warmer weather. This doesn't mean you can't clean your turf, it means don't water your turf all the time. 

Heavy rain water is a good thing. Sodium Ion in rain water will release the magnetic composition in the ZeoFill and let the bacteria spores flow freely through the turf and deep into the ground. Light rain does the same, except light rain does not have excessive force to flush out the bacteria. In light rain, you will smell the ammonia gases until the ZeoFill dries. Once the ZeoFill dries, then you will not smell the urine. 

No problem, PE-51 enzyme cleaner which is made and shipped with live organisms in a bottle will eat the bacteria. It is sprayed on with a hose attached nozzle. When the ZeoFill dries, then it is clean and fresh. PE-51 smells like fresh cut grass afterwards. A 32 oz bottle will spray 900 to 1500 square foot of artificial grass. This product can be found at www.urineodors.pet, Ebay, Amazon, or participating dealers.  First time users may have to use triple the amount on the first cleaning. Use regularly to maintain fresh clean turf. 

Once you have installed ZeoFill use an enzyme cleaner only. Using any form of bleach product will be absorbed in the ZeoFill granule and cause the ZeoFill not to work properly.  The bleach could kill any enzyme product before and after installation. 

A product called Backyard Deodorizer (see picture above) was introduced in 2016 by ZeoFill as a product which can be placed on the most urinated areas. This product is used on any surface including rock, gravel, dirt, real grass, planters, carpet and of course artificial grass. This can be purchased on-line on this website, Ebay or Amazon. 

ZeoFill offers the latest in infill product technology for artificial grass. It is environmental and pet friendly, withstanding animal urine and elements, preventing the growth of spores and bacteria within turf products. Because of the purity in ZeoFill, it does not overheat in the sun, preventing overheating of the actual artificial grass. ZeoFill infill is eco-friendly and does not contain, calcium from sea shell, zinc, heavy metals, quartz or silica dust which causes silicosis or cancer.
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