4.8 out of 5 stars

​By: Naomi on April 27, 2020
​Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

Amazing! I run a dog rescue and also dog sit for several people at my homes. Needless to say, accidents happen at my house from time to time. The most recent was a female chocolate lab, who, apparently has a bladder the size of The Great Lakes. We caught it while it was wet and tried to clean it up with another product which USUALLY works fine, but a strong odor lingered. This time I decided to try something new. I had seen this product at a dog hotel I take my dog to when we go on vacation. They told me about BioFresh which I thought smelt better than the PE-51. Lets just say -  I'm hooked! 

By: Diane Harris on April 25, 2020
​Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

I use it on carpet that had set-in stains and odor from dried cat urine. Really nasty. I had tried everything out there to remove the odor, but NOTHING worked. PE-51 was my last ditch effort before ripping up the carpet and pad (maybe even sub-floor) and recarpeting the whole room. The husband was very ticked off. I completely saturated the entire area (I used a whole sprayer-size bottle, but just poured it on) and was impressed with the pleasant smell. It took a while to completely dry. At that point, I could still detect a faint lingering urine odor, so I repeated the treatment, completely re-saturating the entire area. Two days later, the carpet was completely dry and the odor was GONE. Not even my husband’s discerning nose could detect any remaining unpleasant odor at all. WOW. It’s a staple in my house now, just in case

By: Edward Sato on April 15, 2020
​Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

If you haven't tried using this yet, GET IT! We bought this in the smaller container then we started cleaning other areas inside the house. We buy this gallon jug and fill spray bottles and put them around the house for those accidents. It smells great and cleans up wood and concrete.

By: Anonymous on March 28, 2020
Size: 1 gallon jug  Unverified Purchase

I have a small hardware store in California and I resell a similar enzyme product made by XXXXXX. I want the very best for my customers and have tried your PE-51. It works much better than our current product. Can I become a dealer of PE-51 and do you do dealer pricing? 

Replied March 2, 2019: Yes, contact for more information. 

By: Jeanie Kristek on March 15, 2020
​Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

I live in Texas and bought this product thinking I wouldn't get it for a week or more. To my surprise, I got the well packaged box within a few days. So far it works very good! Five Stars!

By: Freddy S. on February 24, 2020
​Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

I gave you 3 stars because I am not completely sold on this product but it did reduce the smell a bit. The fresh cut grass smell is very pleasing when applied. It says to wait a few days for the product to work. I am not sure why I have to wait for results. I have tried other products which do not work at all. I will wait and reapply if needed.

By: Brenda Cassady on February 10, 2020
​Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase


By: Elizabeth Rosado on December 21, 2019
​Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

THIS PRODUCT IS A MIRACLE! I will be purchasing the Starter Pack and refills on a regular basis. Thank you. 

By: Kathleen Pettas on November 25, 2019
​Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

GREAT PRODUCT! I have been using this for years, the best odor eliminator for everything! I hate to think about how much I spent on other useless products before discovering this. Don't waste your money on anything else - buy this!

By: Lisa Rogier on October 22, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

Wow, I am totally impressed with PE51 and would recommend it to any person looking to rid themselves of an odor problem! It really works! I had a terrible urine smell from two small dogs and no matter what I used to get rid of the stench nothing worked. My boyfriend found PE51 via an internet search. I read the reviews and honestly was skeptical but decided to give it a try.

​By: Stefanie Nolan on September 17, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

I only used this for the first time today but it's the best thing since sliced bread! It's transformed my stinky dog pee area in my backyard into a clean sweet smelling haven.

​By: Dan Vold on September 10, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

We have been using your products since 2016, after trying every product under the sun and finding yours was the only one that truly worked! 

​By: D. Smith on August 10, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

Ordering was a breeze and delivery was fast and they left the package as I requested. The smell of the product is wonderful! Even after one application I have noticed a difference

​By: Nicole Karra on July 19, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

I was skeptical, but I can honestly say this product has completely removed the urine smells from my artificial turf. I had to spray it a few times but it actually works. Thank you

By: Rosalee S on July 8, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

The house we moved to had a "dog" yard of artificial grass. Having 3 dogs of my own, thought it would be great until the weather started to get warm. Phew!! What a stench. Found PE-51 on the net and thought it was worth a try. Was expecting to have to do more than one application as I dont think it had been ever cleaned. The one application took a couple of days to kick in but it is as fresh as if new and still have half the container to redo when needed. Worth every cent.

By: ChippoJerry on June 20, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

My dog is getting old an has a few accidents. I tried everything to get rid of the urine smells however with the constant humidity in Florida it always returned. Pe-51 has solved my problem forever. Thanks for a great product

By: Jerry D. on June 4, 2019
Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

Fast shipping but missing the nozzle. Had to give you 1 star because it took you too long to respond and I have to wait for the new nozzle to arrive.

Comment by seller: Jerry, we had apologized for the missing nozzle as soon as we got your email through our system on April 9th on Monday morning. We sent out a new nozzle the same day. FYI - Your email came on a Friday after we had closed. Not to be upset but it is not fair you expect us to answer work emails during the weekend then give us a 1 star rating.

Another note: We weigh each box to the gram. Are you sure box did not have the nozzle? Or are you a competitor giving us a bad review? Your box was over the correct weight which tells me your nozzle was in the box.   

By: on May 12, 2019
Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

Possibly one of only two of the many products I have used that actually works as well as stated by manufacturer.

By: on April 28, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

I turned to find a solution for my new artificial grass and tiles outside because the smell was unbearable. I couldn't keep the windows open on a hot night because he smell would come in.
I then discovered PE-51 and got a Starter Pack which came with a sprayer, so it just takes me a few mins a couple times a week to get rid of the smell instantly.
I'm really happy with the product as nothing else has worked and I don't think I could live without it.

By: Carolyn, Adelaide on April 25, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

I will tell all my friends about your wonderful product!!! Thank you 

By: Lillian B on April 19, 2019
Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

Was skeptical thinking you were making these reviews up but thank you for creating this amazing product. Works excellent A+++ 

By Leanne Hoey on March 25, 2019
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

My experience with PE-51 is honestly a DAILY success story!

For the last few years I have been involved in helping out a cat rescue group, and have come to accumulate a few of the less re-homeable kitties, one of which is my beloved Jazz. Long haired tabby and white, extremely timid, and for some reason just WILL NOT urinate in a kitty litter tray. This means that each day, every time she needs to go to the toilet, she does so on my CARPET. This has been going on for almost 2 years now.PE-51 is honestly my savior. After the initial frustration, I have come to accept Jazz’s ‘problem’ as a part of my everyday life. As you can imagine I have tried MANY products on the market for removing the urine odor, and none have even come close to the effectiveness of PE-51. Since having purchased my first Starter pack I have not bought or tried any other brands! PE-51 is the only product that makes my home livable! Sorry if this sounds like a commercial but i am so thankful of your product, i had to let the world know. Thank you. 

By: Lillian B on February 15, 2019
Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

This stuff actually works. We have had a problem with our daughter wetting the bed, the carpet.. you name it. We poured some Biofresh on the futon mattress with a sprayer we had under the sink. Left it a while and Voila! No smell. It has also been useful on the bathroom toys where our son has suffered from inaccurate aim. Works on Cat piddle as well, which is what i believe it was intended for. Excellent product which does what it says it will do. Worth investing in if you have toddlers or pets with incontinence issues.

By Terry Thieme on February 9, 2018
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

We have had our pet turf for 2 years as of June 8th. We went that whole time without using any type of deodorizer but just had the zeolite infill. After receiving this product and applying one 32 oz bottle, the smell was gone and we could enjoy our patio area again. This is a fantastic product that I would highly recommend to anyone. Everything that the company represented to us was true and to the point.

By John McMercy on August 12, 2018 
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

Works excellent!  Thanks!

​By Barbara Stuart on July 2, 2018
Size: 1 Gallon Jug Verified Purchase

Great product! Will purchase more from them Thanks! 

By Mary E. Suffolk on June 5, 2018
Size: 5 Gallon Pail Verified Purchase

GREAT PRODUCT Takes care of you if a problem. 

By:Tom Adams on May 23, 2017
​Size: 1 gallon jug Verified Purchase

Very fast shipping, highly recommend seller. Product cleans as stated. 

By Nancy Johnson on April 29, 2017
Size: 1 Gallon Jug Verified Purchase

This stuff really has a pleasant smell. It really did kill the odor on the turf especially during the hot summer days. The only downside is since we don't get much rain in SoCal you have to use PE-51 more often and that can get expensive.

By  Brian Jaggars   on April 19, 2017
Size: 1 Gallon + 2- 32oz Bottles PE-51 w/1 nozzle Verified Purchase 

Highly recommended spending on the special starter pack or a larger package. I purchased the 32 ounce bottle last year and it lasted through the winter season. When the weather started to get hotter I purchased more product. Works excellent! Thank you.  

By: thatsweetguy  on Oct 1, 2016
Size: 32oz bottle PE-51 w/nozzle + 4 lbs Backyard Deodorizer Verified Purchase  


By patcogroup  on Aug 20, 2016
Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.from Wendy at Patcogroup
Size: 4lb Backyard Deodorizer  Verified Purchase

Wow works instantly!!!! Exactly as described. I love this for my dog, she likes it too!!!!! :)

By: pharmapacks  on Aug 16, 2016
Size: 4lb Backyard Deodorizer  Verified Purchase

Product exactly as described. Quick delivery. Thanks. 

By: acctntdb  on Aug  15, 2016
Size: 4lb Backyard Deodorizer  Verified Purchase

a++++ seller super fast shipping & great communication! 5stars*****

By: B. Darvin  on July 15, 2016
Size: 1 Gallon Jug  Verified Purchase


By: hemshrotrebecca09  on July 10, 2016
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

Great product, super fast shipping and great customer service !!!

By: gigi7676 on June 5, 2016
Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.

By: cnalesander on June 2, 2016
Size: Gallon and 32oz Verified Purchase

Very happy with product!

By: Smon7185 on May 18, 2016
Size: 32oz bottle Verified Purchase

Very happy with product!

By Nicholas Habben on May 16, 2016
Size: Gallon and 32oz  Verified Purchase

A+ seller. Good deal and fast shipping. Would buy from again.

By  Oscar Garcia  on April 14, 2016
Size: Gallon and 32oz  Verified Purchase

all i can say is wow..... finally a great product.  fast shipping.

By  Brian Jaggars   on Feb 02, 2016
Size: Gallon and 32oz  Verified Purchase 

I have 3 large dogs and this is my second time purchasing. This product is the best. Don't waste your time and money purchasing another product. 

By  thomas  on Jan 18, 2016
Size: 32oz bottle  Verified Purchase

Got here fast. Smells great keeps my artificial turf like new.

Updated:   Nancy Virosteck on Dec 5, 2015
Size: 32oz bottle Unverified Purchase

Thank you for the offer but no need to refund. The product used was not this one. I had purchase another product online and mistakenly gave you the negative feedback. Your product actually works great! Sorry for the confusion. 

By  Nancy Virosteck   on Nov 14, 2015
Size: 32oz bottle Unverified Purchase

The yard still smells horrible after applying. I think our yard may be beyond help.

Comment by seller:  Nancy, I am sorry our product didn't help your problem. It may be possible the dog food you using has too much protein which is causing your turf to smell much worse than normal. We will refund your order. 

By  SilicicAcid   on September 13, 2015
Size: 1 Gallon Jug  Verified Purchase 

It took 2 1 gallon jugs with treatments every 3 days for several weeks to remove the smell from our artificial turf but this stuff did it.. We did have to do double treatments (spray it on, let it dry for a few hours then spray again) several times initially as the turf has been down for 2 years with 2 small dogs using it regularly. I bought it through their own website (cheaper) and will continue to buy it! Spraying the turf once a week now for another couple of months to keep on top of it (no rain in CA to help wash the urine away) and hoping to get down to every 2-3 weeks once we have some rain. Still uses significantly less water than watering real grass as it only takes about 5-10 minutes to cover ~250 sq ft of artificial turf. There is a smell but it's not obnoxious (not sure what it is). Has not damaged any of the plants and even removes the smell/discolouration urine leaves on the concrete around the turf.

By  B. Darvin   on September 1, 2015
Size: 1 Gallon Jug  Verified Purchase 

Works fine; gets rid of odors. Others have said the morning after they used it, their turf smelled worse--this is true--it's SUPPOSED the next day because the live liquid enzymes are destroying the odor-causing molecules, but after that first day, the smell goes away! 

By  NotBadEnough05   on June 20, 2015
Size: 32oz bottle  Verified Purchase

This is the best product on the market out of 20 different products I've used. I read the product info. By using & following the instructions precisely, the product worked great!!!
It eliminated the urine & feces completely not just masking the odor like the other brands!  I recommend this product hands down! 

Updated:  By Chantepleure on  June 18, 2015  
​Unverified Purchase

I take back my previous review. The smell went away after a few days. I didn't realize the product has to take a few days to work. I am very satisfied with this product. Sorry it took too long to update. Please change from 3 to 5 stars!

By Clockeron on June 3, 2015
Size: 1 Gallon Jug  Verified Purchase

3 dogs and turf. Well all being said and done, The stuff works, and apply it in the evening vs the daylight.

By  Chantepleure   on February 3, 2015
Size: 32oz bottle  Verified Purchase  

So far I'm not impressed. We used it on my dog's litter grass and it didn't fully eradicate the smell. In fact, I feel like it increased the sweet under-smell of urine. I plan to use it again and see how it does. I'll update if it's better next time.

By  Brian Jaggars   on July 14, 2014
Size: 32oz bottle  Verified Purchase 

Great product! I had used other products in the past that claimed to remove the urine smell but didn't work at all. I purchased Pet Clenz PE-51 this summer and WOW!..... Works as described. It actually smells like fresh cut grass too! I am definitely a new loyal customer. 

By  Tracey   on October 30, 2014
Size: 32oz bottle  Verified Purchase 

Finally found something that works!  We have this grass for our 2 Yorkies & nothing was working to clean them. This stuff is fantastic! 

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