Zeolite Caution
Not all Zeolites are the same!
ZeoFill will not warranty another mine's zeolite

The Synthetic Turf industry has adopted zeolite as an alternative infill but most companies don't realize the potential harm if they use the wrong type of zeolite. Unfortunately society only knows to categorize ZeoFill's product as zeolite.

ZeoFill Clinoptilolite zeolite has the right components for use on top of artificial grass which has proven to work.   

Our primary concern is the emergence of a few (3+) competitors into the industry who are trying to emerge into the zeolite infill market due to the success of the product ZeoFill.  We are completely fine with competition, we are confident our product outperforms the alternatives in many different categories which we can back up with research and development. 

Our fear is that this other zeolite type is inferior, unsuited for zeolite infill for MANY reasons and if this is allowed into the market with uninformed end users it may have a negative effect on our product ZeoFill, which we have spent so much investing.

Zeolite Cautions: 

  • Not all zeolites are the same. There are over 40 types of zeolite structures found naturally around the world. The intensive testing that can be done on zeolite can identify a zeolite much like a person's DNA.

  • Please use the right zeolite! Our zeolite is 97% pure Clinoptilolite with no swelling clays.  

  • Dust: Zeolite is a natural mineral product that is crushed down and run over a series of screens so there is some dust inherent in the product. At any time we suggest you place masks on to prevent solids from entering your lungs. When inhaled, certian types of zeolite dust can cause different type of lung cancer. Since our plant opened in 1994 we have never had an employee with lung issues. 

  • We have had all the competitors products 3rd party tested at our expense and have found some very concerning data such as free silica, chabazite, clays (even swelling), purity between 60-85%, low cation exchange, absorption rates as low as 55% and erratic Mohs hardness etc.

  • Some companies don't have true MSDS, XRD or Technical Data Sheets. We have caught several distributors changing Technical Data Sheets online to suit their needs to sell zeolite. In fact one company copied our ZeoFill's MSDS sheet word for word.

  • Absorption rates on most zeolite mines are only 55%. ZeoFill zeolite has an absorption rate at 80%. 

  • Ask for proper documentation from your source. Don't rely on online documentation as it can be doctored.

  • Some zeolites from mines in USA can turn your colored concrete or turf white. We have been told the pure white zeolite residue can not be removed using a power washer.

  • Overseas zeolites contain more negative properties and heavy metals than the worst zeolites in USA. These companies are not restricted to disclose the true danger in their products. 

  • ZeoFill's zeolite product comes from KMI Zeolite Inc. located in Armargosa Valley, Nevada.  Technical Data.

  • There are several companies advertising Prop 65 Safe but actually has quartz (crystalline free silica) in it. 

  • There are silica companies trying to down-grade zeolite because of the potential impact of ZeoFill has on sports fields. They don't realize there are several types of zeolite categories. One such silica sand company is making negative comments that ZeoFill is not suited due to carcinogens found in other zeolite categories.  ZeoFill's zeolite does not contain these negative carcinogens as accused.  

  • Be careful where you purchase your zeolite! One such case (destination and installer asked to be kept secret) ZeoFill was spec'd, but installation purchaser bought another cheaper zeolite closer to his location. Turf stopped draining within 3 months. It was due to the solid particles in the cheap zeolite which had blocked the drainage holes in the turf. This was a very costly mistake! 

​Editor's Note: Please understand the reasons this has to be addressed. It is disappointing to tell a consumer they have been mislead from an artificial grass company which used another type of  zeolite on their project instead of ZeoFill. We will not warranty another mine's zeolite.