Michelle Balicki
Marketing Manager 
SYNLawn has been engaged with the ZeoFill product since January of 2013. At that time we converted from the product we had been using due to ongoing complaints and felt the ZeoFill product was far superior to what we had used in the past.  Since the conversion, we are convinced that ZeoFill is the best dog deoderizer on the market for use with artificial grass. Be cautious of other similar products trying to convince you they are the same.  They are not all alike and we learned that the hard way.  We not only recommend ZeoFill to our distributor network and pet customers, we insist on it!

Michelle Balicki
Marketing Manager                               See Actual Letter


Re: Comparison of ZeoFill to the Zeolite Max product

Over the past year, we have purchased 60 pallets of ZeoFill and 20 pallets of Zeolite Max from SGW. After using both products and comparing them, we come to the conclusion that the ZeoFill product is superior to the Zeolite Max product.

The Zeolite Max product was finer and dustier than the ZeoFill product was. This required the use of much more product for the infilling of our artificial grass products which greatly increased the cost per square foot. Usage of the Zeolilte Max was nearly double that of the ZeoFill product for the same square footages.

Testing results between the two zeolites concured the ZeoFill product absorbed more urine liquid in a shorter timeframe and held the ammonia gas much longer than the Zeolite Max.

Moving forward, our business model for our artificial grass business in offering this infill option is to stick with the proven winner: ZeoFill. It is the only cost effective product in offering odor absorbing and heat reducing solutions.

David Sheffer
AlternaScapes, Inc.                        See Actual Letter


Cooling Turf by Evapotranspiration -

We have been testing ZeoFill today in our Las Vegas heat. Not for the odor control because we know this works great for odor control but for the benefits stated on the website that it would have for temperature reduction.

We are 110 degrees today. The turf we tested it on was installed this morning LS550. 
(11:30am) Before ZeoFill was applied the temperature of the turf was 168 degrees. ZeoFill was applied and watered. Retested at 12:30 pm and turf temperature had dropped to 118 degrees. The various other turf installed at our showroom ranged in temps from 168-193. Retested at 1:30 and turf temperature had only risen 3 degrees (121 degrees), surrounding turf still ranged from 168-193. Retested at 2:30 and turf has risen to 159 degrees. On an interesting side note SR250 and SD200 with heatblock (Not ZeoFill) the turf climbed to the highest temps out of all products, 190 and 193 degrees. ZeoFill does as claimed to reduce heat.

From: Liz Mullally, Vegas SYNLawn Store


From: Matt Elwood
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2014 8:17 AM
To: info@zeofill.com
Subject: ZeoFill and PE-51 Deodorizer

I simply wanted to write and express my appreciation for such an amazing product!  We've tried almost everything to remove the smell from our artificial turf since the install and the combination of ZeoFill and PE-51 is the ONLY thing that has worked.  I'm not sure if it's the ZeoFill/deodorizer combination or just one of the products but either way we are extremely pleased.

One thing I definitely would HIGHLY recommend is getting your products on Amazon and making them Prime eligible.  I've tried everything else on there and you would have the only product that would actually work.  Please, please seriously consider this as it would expand your product market with visibility you aren't even close to right now.




I wanted to share with you the success we have had with Zeofill.  We had installed artificial grass in our backyard and the smell of dog urine was unbearable.  I tried everything from straight vinegar to Natures Miracle and nothing worked.  We literally could not entertain in our backyard.  We were ready to remove the artificial grass when I came across your product.  It has been a life saver.  We no longer have a urine smell at all in the backyard and it was very easy to apply.  I recommend that all people who have animals require Zeofill be installed with their artificial grass. 


Mark DiMercurio
Delta Lending Group
Brentwood ,Ca 94513


"Thank you for delivering the ZeoFill yesterday -

"We have four dogs and a very small yard. After we switched from real to artificial grass and added ZeoFill artificial grass deodorizor, the obnoxious pee odor went away. Also, the dogs stopped eating the grass and bringing dirt in to the house. Maintenance is minimal compared to real grass; it's also cleaner and looks far better. We highly recommend ZeoFill."
- Hilary Lord and family
Big Bear, CA


“I recently called your company to help me with an odor problem in my backyard. I spoke to Brian at ZeoFill which was so helpful. I must say that I am so pleased by the finished product. I love how easy it will be for me to maintain my yard in the future. Thank you being so helpful!”
Leeann K
Menlo Park, CA


"I never beleived that there would be a product which would remove 50% of the fly population and remove the smell from my horse stall until you introduced ZeoFill to me. I am 100% convinced that your product works as stated. Thank you so much for saving me from my neighbors who have been a pain since I purchased my horse two years ago. I have told my friends who have horses about your products. I will be purchasing a 2000 lbs super sack in the near future." Thanks again,
Mike & Dee Nelson
Hesperia, CA


"I called your company and spoke to Brian, which was very polite and knowledgable. I wanted to tear out my artificial grass because of a terrible smell my dogs have left. Brian ensured me that I didn't have to remove the turf to remove the smell. He told me all I have to do is put zeofill on top of the turf. I offered to purchase a bag of zeofill from Brian and have it shipped to my Huntington Beach home but Brian saved me money by telling me to go to Armstrong Garden in my area, which I did. I sprinkled the product on the turf as he said. I had to sprinkle more and work it in the turf. I was amazed that it worked perfectly. He saved me from replacing my turf and shipping costs. I want to thank Brian for everything."
Katie Moyer
Huntington Beach, CA


"I was at the Armstrong Garden Vendor show on Tuesday January 10, 2012. I spoke to Hannah about the pet pottie pads and zeofill products. I won a bag of zeofill because I told her I had cats. She told me zeofill last up to six weeks without changing and wanted me to try the product and testify to my associates and my customers. I want to say, this product works perfectly. So far there is no smell and all I have to do is pick out the solid waste. Let see how long until I have to change out the product. I will let you know."
Susan T
Armstrong Garden Center, Glendora, CA


Powdered ZeoFill Product-

This is the greatest stuff!! I just ordered more powdered Zeofill to accomplish what no carpet cleaning service has ever been able to do - clean all my carpets and upholstery and have it stay clean for more than 2 months! My cats have sprayed onto my carpet and laundry basket. I didn't get to it until it had already dried up - but after using the Zeofill Powder on it - you can not even tell where the stain was! My two dogs and 3 cats are precious to me, but now I don't really mind so much of the occasional accident - I have it handled! What piece of mind... Your product does exactly what it claims - how refreshing!
Maggie S
Anaheim, CA


I received the Zeofill rocks a few months ago, I installed it in the filter area in my pond. I have to say that I was unsure your product was going to do what you said it would do but to this day there has been no alge growth. I know you have to recharge the Zeofill or replace it. Which is better? 
John C.
Hesperia, CA

To whom it may concern,
Although my primary business is growing bedding plants in 4”pots, I have also been experimenting zeolite for three business years.
The first application was in large 2’x2’ pots for tomatoes and peppers. I grew these in pots on my home patio which has a lot of shade with only about six hours of sun in the summer. The goal was to see how long the pots could go without water. After seven days with no water, in August the tomatoes showed no signs of wilt. I knew that the zeolite reduced the water use, but this was amazing.

About a year ago I started growing herbs for fresh cut sales. I applied about 400lbs. to 2,200 sq. ft. of ground in a climate controlled greenhouse to be used for year round production. The plant growth has been great. The ground will look bone dry, yet the herbs still seem to thrive.
I have just planted about one-half-acre outside for year round production. I applied about three tons of zeolite to this area and I know I will have excellent results.
Bruce Nielsen
Prime Growers
April 26, 2011
Sandy Valley, NV

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